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University Structure

University Structure Posted on 11th October 2018

University education, also referred to as tertiary education, will be a complete change for a lot of students. Compared to the rigid structure of primary and secondary schooling where there are strict rules, often uniforms, and five periods a day with set times, university offers a lot more flexibility and freedom. However, with this freedom comes a lot of responsibility and autonomy on the student’s part.

A student’s day will not be filled with fives classes, but rather one or two, consisting of lectures and workshops. The attendance of these is not compulsory, so it is completely up to the student to get there. The learning itself will not be outlined as to which things they should learn. Rather, they are given the bases of information and they should study these areas in their own time. Using textbooks on the recommended reading list as well as the on site university library and a whole host of other resources, it is up to the student to do independent study.

There will, of course, be exams and papers to be handed in. Again, there is much freedom with the topics which can be chosen by the students. A similar structure is used for essay-writing that will be carried over from previous education.