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Primary Schools and Social Media

Primary Schools and Social Media Posted on 2nd September 2019

With the rise of smartphones and social media, it’s certainly true that schools are a very different environment for children in today’s world. As such, many schools implement a social media policy that is separate from their general code of conduct, and is made of aware of to staff, parents, and children.

Staff are encouraged to keep their social media accounts private to prevent students from gaining access. Any contact attempted by parents or students must be blocked and reported to the school. They are discouraged from using any social media on the school grounds and prevent any children from doing the same.

Parents are also encouraged not to use social media on school grounds, as well as keep any discussion or complaints about the school in professional emails rather than online. Photos taken at school events should be carefully filtered if they contain images of other children.

Primary school children are under the age of 13 and should not be on any social media sites. However, this is down to the parents’ digression, but due to school policy should not be used on site.

While these may be hard guidelines to follow, it’s in the school’s best interest of the children’s welfare to do so.