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Primary Schools and Bullying

Primary Schools and Bullying Posted on 23rd April 2019

By law, all UK state primary schools must have an anti-bullying policy to ensure the safety and well being of all its children. An anti-bullying policy must be made aware of to children, adults, and teachers at the school.

These policies vary from school to school, but with the rise of smartphones, social media, and online presence in children’s lives, there has also been a rise of new forms of bullying, with schools’ responsibilities of safeguarding children increasing.

So what are some ways to prevent and intervene when bullying occurs?

  • Education

It’s important to begin each school year, especially the first, with some education revolving around bullying. With a no-blame approach, teachers take the time to sit and discuss what bullying is, how it affects people, and what to do if you see it or are victim of it.

  • Circle Time

Circle Time is a popular approach to discussing feelings without pointing the finger or feeling vulnerable.

  • Peer Support

Make children aware of the importance of friendship and peer support. Those who are not bullying or being bullied can still be a part of the problem and the solution.

  • Telling

Allowing an open system of telling and supporting is the way to help prevent episodes in the future.