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Housing Posted on 2nd August 2019

You may be renting a room in an apartment of friends, with strangers, going into halls, or even commuting from home. You’ll need to make this decision before you get your results to reserve a place in halls if you’re staying there.

There are two types of halls – catered and self-catered. Catered means you will be provided with a breakfast meal every day, and the cost will be a little higher, although this is offset by the cost of the meal. Catered halls are also usually closer to campus. With halls there may be limitations as to what you can and can’t bring with you, or who can stay so it’s a good idea to check.

For both private rentals and halls, you will usually be provided with furniture, but you’ll need some of your own stuff for your bedroom and the kitchen. Check what comes provided so you can pack accordingly, or wait until you arrive to make a list. Halls also include water and electricity bills, but if you own a TV you will need to cover the licence fee, as well as any insurance to protect your belongings if necessary.