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Freshers Week and Induction

Freshers Week and Induction Posted on 22nd July 2019

While optional, arriving at your university in time for freshers week can provide lots of opportunities. Not only will it give you ample time to unpack and get set up at your accommodation, but you’ll begin to socialise with other freshers. The freshers week is a week of themed nights, partying, drinking, and generally having a good time. It’s a great transition between leaving home and beginning your new chapter. It’s also the way you will find which friends you are likely to make and keep during your first year.

During the days of freshers week, there are plenty of places within the campus and student union where you can sign up for events, groups, and activities, and also buy many second-hand course materials and housing decor.

Induction might seem like something you can skip, but can be very beneficial for getting to grips with your course and what it will entail. And if there are like-minded people there too, it’s another chance to make some friends.

You will make many friends if you are living in halls especially, where you are likely to be housed with around dozen other people, so putting yourself out there as much as possible is the key to beginning university on the right foot.